Zucchini fritters

We here in the Northeast can REALLY appreciate the bounty of fruits and vegetables that are harvested in the summer and early fall. Our winter severely diminishes the local farm markets’ ability to grow those heavenly flavorful local produce. One of these rabbit-like multipliers is Zucchini, which ripens with a vengence. The backyard gardener will wake one morning and KAZAAM!!, there are 100 zucchini ready to be picked. Well, don’t despair, there are an abundant amount of recipes that zucchini can be worked into. An added bonus to this bounty is, they are healthy:


Shred 5-6 medium zucchini, salting and letting it sit over a colandar with weight on it to drain ALL water. Then, press any remaining water out with a cheesecloth. Blend in 2 eggs, 1/2 cup of breadcrumbs, freshly ground black pepper, chopped onion and garlic to taste. Form into small, thin patties, not too thick.

Fry in canola oil until browned on all sides, then flip over. Serve with a home-made dip of sour cream, or my favorite, plain yogurt mixed with chopped basil, salt and pepper, lemon and mayo.


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