Bruschetta al pomodoro

Has anyone out there in the blogosphere ever suffered from a condition known as thanger? Believe it or not, a large majority of the world has contracted it at different times in their lives, mostly when they are enjoying their vacation, and I must admit it, I have had it many times.

As we traveled Italy in our small rental car, our whole family got it. The worst part was there wasn’t anything you could do because all of Italy was closed for Riposo. You see, my dear readers, thanger is Travel+Hunger+Anger all combined, and it hits worse when all the stores and even restaurants close, and you guessed it, right at lunch time! But we found one very smart little restaurant owner that defied the Italian lifestyle a bit, and served lunch (pranzo) until 3:00 pm and a little beyond, thank goodness!

When we saw that it was open, we were so thangry we would have eaten tuna on rye. But the food was a gastronomic delight, lovingly served in many courses. One of the courses that I’ll never forget was the first one. We didn’t even order it, it was part of the Italian-style lunch. This bruschetta was like a re-awakening to your happy mood, the one you forgot you had when you passed the last 6 restaurants that were closed from 1-6 pm. It was so simple, but the ingredients were so fresh that your next selfie had you smiling and, yes, even laughing again. I know they have their own secret recipe, but my version is very close. Thank you for the inspiration, La Villa Della Rosa .


  • 6-8 Ripe Italian Plum Tomatoes, cored and cut into small pieces, remove as much of the juice as you can if you don’t want soggy bread
  • Bunch of fresh basil chopped in thin ribbons
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Finely chopped garlic , Himalayan Sea Salt and Fresh Ground Pepper, all to taste
  • Toasted Italian Bread
  • Balsamic reduction made by thickening the vinegar on the stovetop for a few minutes


My talented musician/singer/songrwiter brother was visiting from Florida and he assisted in the photo shoot. We had lots of laughs and memories while styling the shoot, Thanks, Tim! Song: Snuffy Hollow Revisited

Leaving the peels on the tomatoes is a matter of taste. If you prefer, you can blanch the tomatoes in hot water for less than a minute and remove the skins. The freshest bruschetta usually has the skins on.

Add together the first 4 ingredients tossing lightly with the garlic, salt and pepper.

Toast the bread either on the grille or in the oven. Just before serving, plate the bruscetta by spooning it onto the bread with the balsamic dressing.

*Feel free to add cheese, mushrooms, roasted onions, peppers or any variation of toppings you like. Tim, suggested a cheese lovers alternative:  Melt mozzerella on the bread before adding the bruschetta.


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