Date-nut love bites

February is upon us and we certainly notice a lot of hearts all around! These healthy energy bites will help us stay happy and healthy so we can send positive, loving vibes to all those around us! Enjoy Valentines Day, sending love and good wishes to everyone!

In your food processor, place 1 c. Pitted dates, 1 c. Almonds, 1 tbsp. Maple syrup, and 1/4 tsp. Pink sea salt. Blend until smooth yet still chunky, around 3-5 minutes. It may need a few drops of water to get smooth. Remove the batter from the bowl.

Flatten out the batter with a spatula and use a cookie cutter, if you feel festive, and cut out shapes. Alternatively, you can just roll them into balls or cut into squares.

Roll them into shredded coconut and enjoy, or freeze for a cool delicious snack anytime!

Date-nut love bites

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