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Hello fellow chefs! I am Mariana from New Jersey. I’ve owned a pizza/sandwich cafe for years and have many chefs and secret family recipes in my family. My recipes are fun and easy, and mostly vegan or plant based.  Let’s have some fun creating meals for you, and your loved ones to enjoy!

As a migraine sufferer, I always had to be vigilant about the foods I eat. Chocolate, coffee, and wine are triggers, so I eat very healthy foods to avoid an onset of migraine issues. In addition, I have family members with dairy allergies so my recipes are ALL dairy-free.

My most recent dairy-free recipes are all ovo-vegetarian or vegan. I attempt to use a farm to table cooking style, and my ingredients are organic, many grown in my own garden or bought at the farm market. I am a firm believer that a mostly plant based diet is healthier for us, and in my opinion, it is delicious!


“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.”  – Virginia Woolf

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